After 15 years in progressive management roles, I made the decision to exit the corporate world and become a Certified Financial Planner®. I understand how it feels to be faced with a major life decision and am here to help you build your plan.

Financial planning has always been part of my life; my father co-founded our office in 1995, with GP Wealth Management later becoming our mutual fund dealer. In 2011, I co-founded an incorporated automotive shop with my husband, which continues to grow with six employees.

As a former corporate employee, business owner and a Certified Financial Planner focused on Exit Planning, I look forward to taking a disciplined approach to supporting you with the decisions and opportunities that lie ahead.


Whether you are considering a new job, self-employment, or retirement, in order to step away from the corporate world with confidence, you need to have a solid plan in place. That is why I developed the Great Exit™ Planning Process.

The Great Exit™ Planning Process begins with an in-depth review of your current financial situation and a detailed discussion around your personal and financial goals. Deliverables include your customized Great Exit™ Plan, along with five supporting plans: your Retirement Plan, your Investment Plan, your Financial & Tax Plan, your Insurance Plan and your Estate Plan.

Whether your exit is months away or years in the future, the best time to start planning is now.


  • To Always Act in Your Best Interest
  • To Deliver Clear Recommendations with Fact-Based Rationale
  • To Be your Planning Partner and Resource
  • To Provide Great Communication and Attention to Detail
  • To Offer a Choice in Fee structure with full Fee Transparency

Let’s get started. You can contact me at (519) 732-7741 or by email at